Online & Zoom training for Everyone

Online exercises so you can exercise at home with customized workout plans to support you along your unique fitness and wellness pathway. 


Exercise is for Everyone


Every age

From youth to seniors, workouts with online exercises can be 

customized for any age.


Every Level

Are you new to working out?  Have you taken time off and are trying to figure out how to restart?  Have you been working out for years and are not seeing the results your want?  Online exercises put together in customized workout plans so you can exercise at home or your at local gym may be the answer for you.


Every Health Condition

Pregnancy exercises, arthritis exercises, cancer exercises, stroke survivor exercises, etc., workouts with online exercises can be customized for any health condition.  



About Us


Senior Conditioning Group Fitness Instructor

Senior Conditioning Group Fitness Instructor

Senior Conditioning Group Fitness Instructor

*All In-Person Group Classes have been cancelled during this time*

When you're active and over 50, it can be hard to find a Group Fitness class that's right for you.  If you are or become a member of Los Gatos Swim & Racquet Club, you can join me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00-2:00pm for a Senior Conditioning class that offers:  low impact cardio, balance, strength, and flexibility exercises specifically designed for those who are 50+.


Carmen, Senior Conditioning Group Fitness Class Participant, 

"She teaches our Senior fitness class.  She teaches us at our level with exercises and movements that are appropriate for our age group. She is very well liked and her class is well attended. We are all confident that she has our best interests in mind when she plans our work outs. "


Len, Senior Conditioning Group Fitness Class Participant,

"Deborah's workouts are always fun and engaging. Combined with adaptable exercises, work on balance and endurance, we are guided to better conditioning. I always leave with a great feeling of accomplishment and self improvement. 

After 10 months of Deborah's Senior Conditioning class, I feel stronger, as well as, more committed to living a healthy lifestyle"


Online Personal Trainer

Senior Conditioning Group Fitness Instructor

Senior Conditioning Group Fitness Instructor

With our busy lives, it can be hard to find time to go to a gym. Many people prefer to workout at home but find they are not motivated to do so.  Being unsure about what exercises to do, how to properly perform exercises, and fear of injury may prevent people from beginning an exercise program.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

With Deborah Does Fitness Online  Training, you will have an ongoing, customized exercise guide to follow both online and on your phone with the Deborah Does Fitness App.   Deborah will learn about your unique fitness & wellness goals , your previous exercise experience, and your health history.    With the aid of online assessments, Deborah will put together an easy to follow exercise  plan for you.  Your exercises will be uploaded to your personalized  workout calendar.  All you will need to do is:  click on the date, read the exercise explanation, watch the exercise demonstration video, and do the exercise.


Susan, Online Training Client,

"What I appreciate most with Deborah Does Fitness is that it helps me with creating an exercise habit. It helps me feel Ike myself again.  

I had always competed in sports — going to the gym was a regular part of my day for years. Then there was a change in my life and I could no longer go to the gym. If I was going to be working out, it would have to be at home. I accumulated equipment, but floundered for years when it came to regularly working out. I would start for a while then stop.  

With Deborah, I have a personalized, assigned workout for each day and a way to record what I’ve done. The structure of just going downstairs after work and doing my assigned workout makes it easier to work out more consistently. I am more fit now than I have been in years."


Medical Fitness Trainer

Senior Conditioning Group Fitness Instructor

Medical Fitness Trainer

When you are physically limited from a medical issue even after participating in Physical Therapy you may be wondering if exercise is for you.   Fitness is for Everyone including those with:  Arthritis, Cancer, and Joint Replacement as well as Stroke Survivors.  Deborah is a Senior and Cancer Exercise Specialist, who offers online exercises including cancer exercises, and has taken and attended numerous courses and lectures on Medical Fitness.  She offers both in person and online Medical Fitness training with a Physician's Medical Release. 


Lee, In-Person Training Client

"I just turned 80 and started working with Debbie in mid-June of 2019.  Prior to this I was recovering from knee
replacement surgery in March and shoulder surgery the prior October.  She was able to design a program for me that worked in the direction of general
total body strengthening with particular emphasize on my knee and shoulder.  After 4 months I was stronger, more flexible and less sore than before all
my injuries.  After almost 7 months I continue to get stronger.  I've never felt in better shape. I attribute this to Debbie's expertise and skill.

Also, you will find Debbie to be a
caring person who is genuinely
interested in you achieving your goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a first class, professional trainer. 



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